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C basit johnson, craven dunnill & co ltd wed feb 17 2010 claims address: craven dunnill & co ltd, stourbridge road, bridgnorth, shropshire wv15 6as, united kingdom; registered no. Also claims address of park 39 wugan st, yerriyong nsw 2540, australia. The secret answer: god store world supplies, 100 miller street, north sydney, nsw 2028, australia; phone: 61 3 95833387, fax: 61 3 95850509 fake address and phones for james brown store ltd: unit 6,raycroft st, waltham, wellington, new zealand. Used forged headers so email appears to come from federal bureau of investigation fbi. Used four different credit card numbers for an order and asked to send money via western union for shipping to a company they called itc shipping agency. Contact person mr thomas harry email: [email protected] Also claims to be located in fitchburg, massachusetts 01420 with phone: (424) 275-0741. ) ray morgan claims to work for bank of scotland, and to live in england and is a british citizen. Wants cash wired to shipper in the uk, emser international cargo solution ltd, [email protected] James jarrett sat 12 sep 2015 claims to work for parks-reverb llc. Wed 18 oct 2017 robo-call says that you owe taxes and will be prosecuted unless you call 360-930-3404. Parcela 20, calle budapest, san pedro de alcantara, 29670, marbella, spain; tel: (+34) 96 547 40 11; (+34) 96 547 42 21; fax: (+34) 96 547 45 90. Claims bank: td bank, 357 n kings hwy cherry hill nj 08034, account #4330771258, routing #031 201 360. 03-2011, cvv code 837; mastercard #xxxxxxxx29386385, exp.

Barrister lewis chamber s, secretary barry franklin rogerson tue nov 17 2009 standard nigerian 419 scammer. Claims to be selling a yorkie puppy and to be located at 10002 riverblvd, apt # 2322, corpus christi, tx 78410 lugansk dating scammers list. Thu oct 2 2008 claims to have store located in mississippi, usa and uk. Used stolen credit cards: visa #xxxxxxxx53976531, exp. Sarah burke wed aug 31 2011 claims to be opening an art gallery in sydney australia and it buying artwork for the gallery. Phill hendriks sat 2 may 2015 claims to be in delaware, but was at 108 briarwood dr, gilberts, illinois. Nb: new zealand, phone: +64 (0)3 452 1089, fax: +64 (0)3 443 7687 used stolen visa #xxxxxxxx50074084, exp. Patrcia semler, joseph semler, jude, frank semler, patricia semler, patricia e semler sat 15 apr 2017 uses stolen photos. Claims to have found money in iraq near one of saddam s palaces. Claims to be an american running a company in barcelona, spain; or in taiwan (with bad english. Claims phones: +447031899917, +447950334687. 02/2010, cvv code: 182; mastercard #xxxxxxxx70057478, exp. Fake delivery address: bishop robert, global presbyterian bible church orphanage home, 8956, makayonka st. , skyway freight, sky freight forwarding, yves andrews, roy or royce hackeny, mr.

James smith, richard atwater tue nov 17 2009 standard nigerian 419 scammer lugansk dating scammers list. Jimmyly frankyly thu feb 8 2007 calls himself mr frank but then signs his email frankv. Charles, mo 63304, but then says he ll pay with a cashiers cheque drawn from a bank here in the states.good opening messages for online dating.
. Also claims zip of 29127 and phone (720) 432-0287. Fake shipping address: destiny store ltd, 2120 howe street, osborne park, western australia 6017; phone: +61 8 9444 6198, fax: +61 8 9444 6208. ] claimed delivery service : mike jones 101 academy st. Australia; tel:+61 243 607 987, fax: +61 243 636 809 jack. Only someone outside the us would say it that way. Sandra thomas, latty williams, robert wallace, susan, sarah williams, peter cole in illinois, pamela kerry, bobby frey, mueenat shittu, sandra burnson, johnson, mr andrew, anna gillson mon mar 16 2009 another winner of a name. Claims to want to ship item to a client in roro port in coutonou, the republic of benin. Sarah jones, susanne jackson, victor garcia, roy keane, adam thompson, granny, rachael fatino, safiu sat jan 26 2013 victor garcia claims to be attorney in us and nigeria. .Relationship dating games online.Sex video chat without registeration.

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