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45) the salutary steps that were taken to expel ex minister turncoat, cutthroat ,corrupt wijedasa rajapakse from his portfolios by the unp is now being followed by the slfp too to the great delight and relief of the masse read more >> (lanka-e-news - 07. ) should make in parliament must be averted , the president gave read more >> (lanka-e-news- 02. If this is how the igp is conducti read more >> names of maj online camera sex srilanka. 55pm) the supreme court which decided, the deportation of a british national ms. Following the voluntary resignation of ravi karunanayake from his read more >> (lanka-e-news - 22. 30am) it is a well and widely known fact it is after garnering views of all the parties in parliament and the people’s opinions in pursuance of a long process , an official methodology was evolved after two long years to read more >> (lanka-e-news- 29. Owner raja mahendran alias kili maharaja by appointing his stooges as chiefs of president maithripala sirisena’s media unit , and after paying those ch read more >> (lanka-e-news - 17. That was , whe read more >> (lanka-e-news - 07. 50 am) a ministry is not his personal right , and which ministry it should be is also not his right to decide , minister of law and order sagala rathnayake asserted when answering a question posed by a journalist at a media read more >> (lanka-e-news - 04. Kenichi suganuma, called on the minister of finance and media ho read more >> (lanka-e-news - 04. In contradistinction in other countries vacancies in th read more >> (lanka-e-news - 11. 00pm) the photographed report of the treasury bond of the presidential commission is to be handed over today openly to the president , based on reports reaching lanka e news. It is 4 days since t read more >> (lanka-e-news - 06. ’ this was the announcem read more >> (lanka-e-news - 24. Nirmali with read more >> (lanka-e-news -10. 30pm) the ‘expiration time’ of professor carlo fonseka’s term who is the current president of sl medical council is due on 30 th of this month, and professor colvin gunaratne who was appointed online camera sex srilanka.

00pm) the removal of judge pradeep jayatileke who was performing duties as the secretary of the judicial service commission (jsc) and replacing him with sanjeewa somaratne a junior judge. As a reliable distributor of petroleum products in sri lanka over many years, lioc is making all effort read more >> (lanka-e-news - 23. 35pm) following the official announcement made regarding sri lanka’s (sl) asbestos sheets ban and russia’s tea ban at the cabinet media briefing on the 20 th , suspicions have arisen whether the two governments are seek read more >> (lanka-e-news - 20. Its name is ’graded medical officers association’. 55pm) a number of unlawful activities of wijedasa alias dealdasa while he was a minister had now surfaced after he was sacked from the ministry of justice and buddha sasana portfolios. The report of the commission which investigated the ruthless mass murder of inmates of welikade prison was h read more >> (lanka-e-news - 17. 45pm) the statement made by police media spokesman ruwan gunasekera at the cabinet media briefing on 2017-08-16 that the igp poojitha jayasundara did not assault or inflict torture on the lift operator samarakone banda at t read more >> (lanka-e-news - 25. Read more >> controversial cabinet media briefing (lanka-e-news - 21. 20pm) for the first time , basil rajapakse perhaps with the notion to win back the opinions of the tamil people and curry favor with them admitted that during their reign crimes were committed by individuals , when answ read more >> by dr. 20pm) the names and details of three ministers of the slfp who are seeking to postpone the forthcoming local government elections by filing a bogus case in court were exposed in parliament on the 16 th. The sports minister of sri lanka who is well dis-reputed for read more >> (lanka-e-news - 06. 00pm) following the cabinet meeting on the 17 th , it had come to light the president had been hurt by the criticisms to the point of ‘shitting in his pants,’ and that is why he left the venue of the meeting abruptly , read more >> (lanka-e-news - 17. 30pm) asgiriya chapter mahanayake who said the (mis)conduct , modes and methods of a discarded debauched monk like gnanassara are correct , along with a group of monks summoned by him issued a communique which stated tha read more >> (lanka-e-news - 27. 10pm) the sri lankan sphere of sports which was stymied and stunted in its development because its sports minister lacked a black belt is now no longer an issue. 25pm) the illicit russian decrepit warship deal that was to be transacted by maithri- maharaja which would earn them billions of rupees has come a cropper , meaning that the suffering masses who would have been hit below read more >> (lanka-e-news - 08. Dassanayake in connection with the read more >> (lanka-e-news - 17.

On top of that the read more >> (lanka-e-news - 07. 05pm) minister of media mangala samaraweera revealed in parliament on the 9 th that the media ministry has nothing to do with the ban imposed on the lanka e news website within the country , and that a ‘higher force’ is res read more >> (lanka-e-news - 08. 00pm) a leading heroin magnate who was using the air cargo services between italy and sri lanka to smuggle heroin to sl over a period of time had been identified by the sl customs and the police anti narcotics sex chat no registration no money.
. Anika wijesuriya the owner of ‘monaach’ housing complex gave evidence against ex finance minister ravi karunanayake before the presidential commission inquiring into treasury bond scam , her brother vijith read more >> (lanka-e-news - 20. 00am) following the explosion at the kosgama armory , the headquarters of the army voluntary force that was situated there was reduced to ashes. 30pm) the presidential commission which was appointed ostensibly to inquire into the irregularities and corruption if any ,when issuing treasury bonds is by now well and widely known as a degenerative commission and a damp read more >> (lanka-e-news - 26. 45pm) it is a well and widely known incontrovertible fact that under the last government a number of individuals without eligibility , experience and qualifications were sent irresponsibly as foreign diplomats , and one a read more >> (lanka-e-news - 09. 30pm) a number of new appointments were made by the president today to give a new ‘face’ to good governance. 55pm) following the report of lanka e news captioned ‘action can be filed against mr over his open admission. He has purchased a large number of properties to the tune of sl rs. Igp poojitha jayasundara has assaulted officers of other religions at the police headquarters who transgressed the extremist directive of his that every morning between 8. 30pm) like how wijedasa rajapakse alias dealdasa was kicked out for engaging in villainies against the good governance of the consensual government while being within it , after the 3 rd of september a decision will be ta read more >> (lanka-e-news - 27. 25am) president sirisena whose eagerness for filthy lucre often outruns his sureness , is once again seeking to push through the missed warship deal after pulling the wool over the eyes of the people. .Free sexychat without registration on mobile without number.Free chat with horny females no signing up.

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