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In the meantime, i question whether it might be wiser to trade my broken garmin for another brand that practices better customer relations. My 1490lmt still seems to be working with the 2012 map. All gps manufacturers are looking at a shrinking market due to smart phones & tablets. (thanks garmin) i purchased a new unit and began the process all over again that night, this time using a mac instead of the pc i had used the time before. With your gps hooked up to your pc garmin are able to look at it and should then be able to resolve any issues. I agree it would be better if there was a message on their home page explaining a) what went wrong b) what they ve done to fix it and c) confirm whether or not everything is now back to normal (and it seems not at the moment ) last edited by sussamb; 12-30-2012, 05:29 am. After fooling with it for 3 hours, i gave up because i did not see any official garmin recognition of a problem posted on their site. On 12/29 i returned my garmin to best buy where it was purchased. I could download the map updated but could not install the download on my garmin. Your logic is flawed - perhaps your residing in england might mean you connect to another server which is actually functioning now, or was never blitzed to begin with. Also connection through usb hubs is not recommended.

I received word from a major seller that garmin had not notified the seller of a problem either which, apparently, is standard practice updating garmin maps. Hi sussamb, i was able to download the map ~14 hours ago in the usa but it won t install, i don t remember the error. They don t post to their in house forum that there are problems. Can t update maps nuvi 50lm collapse i didn t say there hadn t been a problem, just that garmin are now indicating it s sorted. My guess is they are now meeting to discuss how to save their behinds from being fired, handle the wrath of wall street and placate us, the consumer. Comment tried 2 new units, 1 with mac, 1 with pc. I thought the problem may have been with certain individual units, including mine. Garmin is like many companies, they don t discuss possible failures and then plan for them. Just another note: if you don t need to have the most up to date map, don t bother with calling or trying to contact garmin for the next week or so, they will be so busy they won t be able to respond. It s therefore quite possible that some folks are having other problems that may (or may not) be to do with the earlier garmin problem. Com website, and i ve tried all tabs and links.

For those who found intermittent postings from garmin on one website or another, i m glad you did but i wonder why garmin didn t post the same problem recognition to the website that the instructions direct users to go to for the updates. There will be thousands of units returned by people who think they are defective, so much for the holiday sales period. I have attempted to install the update on 2 new devices, one with pc and one with mac updating garmin maps.disadvantages of dating a younger woman.
. My maps page showed the map installation was incomplete. Sometime in the summer we had a similar major failure in some of the banks servers in uk that prevented some folks getting to their money over about a 7 day period iirc. Can t say the same for their servers over the last 48 hours but i think it s fair to say that this hasn t happened on a scale like this before. It s not been a good few days for garmin but their gps work fine. Garmin could have saved hours of my time by simply posting the fact that they were experiencing a problem and providing a prospected date to check back. I have no doubt that, once the glitch is fixed, i will be happy with the garmin device itself. There s been notices on their facebook website, yes, but nothing here. .

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updating garmin maps

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